Saturday, 7 September 2013

The Bucket List.

Fad has it that you’re not really doing it right if you haven’t yet checked off Scuba diving in the Bahamas or Getting high on marijuana (the Oh-my-God must do-s before you die), off your fancy bucket list. And of course, we've GOT to do it all; after all we only live once (!) Now, if you’re feeling miserable about your monotonous slave-like life, where you know that it’s beyond possible to do the ‘real crazy stuff’, here’s a much simpler and rewarding list of things you’d rather want to experience.

Breathe free and let go of things you can’t control. Dream big and believe in them. Indulge in soulful cooking. Sing out loud and dance in the rain. Do small things with great love. Give, give and give. Call those long lost friends and tell them how much you've missed them. Have a bonfire in your backyard and hum songs. Keep moving. Go over old photographs and let the emotions touch you. Visit your ancestral place. Laugh over the silliest jokes. Learn to earn and appreciate. Have a theme party. Bake a birthday cake. Gaze the stars on a summer night. Have a pillow fight. Sip hot chocolate in the snow. Have a 'eat all you can' day. Travel, fly and explore. Meet new people. Be of help, secretly do well for others. Read a bed time story to a kid. Give piggybacks. Spend time in an orphanage. Hold the trembling hands of an old person as they cross the road. Have a back-to-back movie marathon. Attend a live music concert. Have deep conversations. Paint a wall. Make memories. Get lost in your world. Fall madly in love and express it. Take time and enjoy the simpler things in life. Be able to close your eyes and feel beautiful about your life, and hold on to this feeling.

We don’t need to wait for a weekend or a faked sick leave to experience most of the stunning things in life. Our time is ticking so let’s not waste it by feeling bad about not having an extravagant life full of adventure. That’ll happen too. But till then, just open your eyes and find the hidden happiness in each moment passing by.


  1. deep,fresh and so true!!!! its so simple yet we complicate!
    cheers for a simple perspective!

  2. Cheers! Thanks a lot for sharing your views, this keeps me going :-)

  3. I like the simplicity of this article.... Got a nice flow to it :-)

    1. Thanks a tonne Shaival :D Will try and keep it up.