Sunday, 20 October 2013

Love me or leave me free!

Oh yes. It's as uncomplicated and subtle as that. Not everything in life needs to be twined and knotted up. Some things, especially delicate stuff such as emotions, (no matter how much we deny) do make the most of us. And what do we want? Somebody, who's willing to jump fences to be with us, and not someone who's on the fence about being with us. It really isn't rocket science.

Like they say, if you wanna fly, you gotta give up the sh*t that weighs you down. It might take time but get this through your head. There are going to be people who'll come in your life and give you a good time. They'll make promises which they may or may not keep but you'll convince yourself with a hopeful theory. They'll say they love you but leave you wondering about it. You'll love them too but there'll be an annoying insecurity about it. And then, eventually you'll want to clean the mess, figure out whether you're in the dark about those feelings, figure out whether the good part is just in your head or it does hold some truth of existence. It'll be time to decide, make a stand and choose to be clear about what you deserve and go ahead with it. As much as it kills to do it, you've got to do it for your own better, got to free yourself from unneeded doubts and thoughts and become carefree again. And hey, it's a win-win. You'll finally get rid of what's holding you down, and know who is really 'with' you.

So here's what. Down the line, you deserve somebody who'd stick with you, fight for you and never give up on you, no matter what. They will love the millions of tiny things you're made up of and never get tired of them. They'll just be there and their existence alone will give you a peace of mind, a sense of belonging and emotional stability. They may not be able to help you out of every mess, but they'll not give up trying. They'll listen to your silence and make you laugh. Yes, they're 'the one'  who are in no doubt about your stand in their life, who dread the silence in their life if you're gone, who realise your worth and are man enough to look in your eyes and tell that to you. Yes, you deserve that.

I guess all of these feelings are summed up and perhaps labelled as 'Love', (which is pretty over rated) so don't worry if you feel lost, because the ones, who love you, will find you. And when they do, you'll realise how using those skin enhancing creams wasn't going to make any difference after all, and you could've smiled about that calorie loaded midnight muffin you still regret. So no matter how disappointed you feel when you check the mirror every morning and how you hate yourself for not fitting in the super skinny jeans, you're still going to see these beautiful things happen to you because true "Love" finds its way, regardless.

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